Now Everything is Smart

July 4, 2012 at 7:33 PM (Technical Articles)

Technology is making everything simple for us, we do see many innovative devices like iPhone, iPad, Google project glass, Android phones and Many more . When we start thinking about the future , we feel like – we will be having solution for everything. Many times we do even try to think over some innovative ideas, but I feel we will be missing something which will be in front of our eyes . If we face some problems in our daily life, we will be having best innovative solution for it , but we never think beyond the box. Innovators/researchers will do things easy for us.

verything will be very difficult in the initial phase, but their continuous effort, dedication will finally give us one best, an efficient product. One such product will make our life simple and beautiful. Google stick with its search algorithms , now we get everything in seconds. Apple always tried to give innovative gadgets , now they won the heart of Apple fans , gave a magical device iPhone and iPad. Like this every innovator will bring us something memorable.

I can recall an incident , where me and my friend Ravi Prakash were going on a bike . The place was my favorite Agumbe. It was a very odd time, around 7PM , the road was completely covered by thick mist, and driving in such a dangerous Ghats , such a curving road is really challenging . Head lights were on, I was driving slow, but I was feeling that driving without head lights is as same as driving with head lights in this thick mist. I was not able to see anything, I was driving almost in a 20kmph or less than that. Hairpin curves were visible at the sharp edges only. It was horrible for me to drive throughout the ghat section.

For a moment I thought that why can’t automobile industries gave us such sharp head light which help us to see everything clearly even in thick mist and heavy rain ?, I thought and left it there only. I never did think how can it is possible ?. Today I come across an article on research, it is exactly the same which I did think over it.

I believe if hardware and software talk each other nicely then they can make anything possible and it is proved several times.

Please read the article given in this link – Smart Headlights


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