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January 10, 2012 at 3:33 AM (New Year, Non Technical)

Its was dec 31st , I was thinking to update my blog which I have planned long back. I was about to post but I couldn’t do it that day, you may get the reason at the end of this article. I was just thinking what I did in this year ? Did I achieve some thing ? Did I work  to reach my goal, my dream ? How I spent this whole year?.  Many questions were eating my head. I am happy because I did something for this year, I am heading towards my goal. Today I sat and I was thinking about the future , upcoming wonderful year. I was going through  facebook, I was able to see many advance wishes , people were inviting their friends for party, get together etc. That is really cool .

I went outside in the morning for breakfast , I was observing every one , the hotel owner where I use to have breakfast daily, the shopkeeper where I use to buy my daily needs, I was asking every one , how you will going to celebrate ? they were giving all common answers, ” en celebration sir ? ellaa haage, pratee varsha iddadde ala ” .  Yes a common man should say like that, he can not make a big party, he can not take a leave and go somewhere with family to celebrate , because his one day profit means a lot for him.

That is not the case with software engineers! , I saw people and their living style , So much expensive  life style, they never use to talk in Kannada with their kids , that kind of status they are maintaining. Their life is colorful in their own way, these IT industries are attracting people . Most of the student after PUC will think to become an engineer or doctor . Yes there are few people who will say they will become an astronaut and something else. In reality once they complete their PUC , most of them will join a BE college.

Well that is their living style, as a software engineer will earn enough and will spend enough but when I sit and think what we are doing in software company ? my mind will fall in a puzzle . Are we doing anything great here ? are we really achieving something new here ? are we forgetting our society due to such living style? does our education system changed ? whether we are getting a quality education in all the sectors ? what is happening in our public government sectors ? . People became so much busy in their life that, they not even have time to think over it.

We can see many innovations in our day today life , but most of the time it will be from some other country. I am not saying Indians are doing nothing , but I am saying it is lesser compared to others. If we take software companies only, why India is still not able to give a big software company like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM ? , I will not give answer for this, think over it.

Last time when I did visit bangalooru , my main purpose was to take part in protest against corruption in freedom park, surprisingly only one of my friend came and joined me . Guys this is a serious matter to think ,  ok not every one is same, there are many people who took part in protest , I appreciate  but over all what happened is we software engineers have time to attend meeting , just to discuss what problem the client is facing ! but we don’t have time to think about the problems what our society is facing. Every one say, ” I hate politics “, please think once again what you are telling ! we not even spend some time to analyse what the government done so far? we have time to enjoy the party with friends , but we don’t have time to discuss such matters with friends . In my home town if I go outside in the evening , aged people will be having a discussion in temples, gardens , our young generation are busy in smoking, party and some other palthu works .

Just think yourself , whether we ever tried to guide our juniors ? how they suppose to study ? how they suppose to build up their career ? . Whether we did show them any other platform other than BE ? , whether we tell them to go for MSc physics , chemistry, maths and any other ? .  I usually discuss some physics stuff with one of my junior sister who is studying Nuclear physics in Msc , she is facing so much problem in her education, she has many ideas but she don’t have necessary things with her, this is what happening in our education  system other than BE . Can’t we sit and spend some time to think over such problems ? and try to find solutions? We will be very enthusiastic when we do meeting for a client , but why that enthusiasm will miss when such things come in mind?. I wish recession should not come , and think over it, if it happens none of the software company will dare to take different step. Still why we are so much dependent ?, is there any other way so that recession does not affect to us. Do we have our own idea ? so that when client does not come to us and we start working on our own idea? No not at all , many people will lose their job. I wish it should not happen and let this new year will be a colorful for every one.

Keeping all such things in our mind, what if , we set up a goal and try to find a better way of  living ? I am not blaming software companies, but I am telling along with working for only clients problems , why can’t we work and find solution to our own problems?

Analyse the problems that our country is facing, why research oriented stuffs are not booming ? How can we improve our education quality , our government sectors , there are many more.

So new year came, let us start a new way of living , let us set up some useful goals and try to achieve them. We will make this year special and colorful. I thought to give a message to every one for this new year and wrote what I was thinking. Things are not so easy as it is to discuss, but we should try at least from our end !



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