Environment Friendly Facebook

April 19, 2011 at 8:08 AM (Technical Articles)

Guys many of us are working in software companies , may not be as a developer but testers can also understand what I am going to tell today. The one who don’t know programming language may not understand the technical words, but they will get something from this article.

Everyone know how the performance factor is important for an application, let me clear this point for non IT friends. Let us think that you people are listening music in winamp player, and if you press next button in winamp , it should switch to next song immediately , But what if, it takes 5 min to switch to next song? ah that is what we call as very low performance. It takes hell amount of time. When the word ‘time’ comes  my mind will start to think too much. Because whole universe and its birth can be described in terms of time, Forget it now 🙂 . So performance is an important factor and we developer should think a lot before coding ( which I won’t do 🙂 ). If our code is poor then it takes more time, more time means more processing, more processing means more energy consumption , more energy consumption means more CO2 release. What the hell is this? Started with coding and ended with CO2?. Yes everybody should be aware of this fact that , whatever we do with Google, Facebook, twitter, everything is related to release of CO2. I have already posted an article on google and CO2 release. ( link ) But I was searching something and this time I got an important factor about the facebook.

Guys facebook is developed in PHP. Every day millions of people use facebook, upload video, picture, write stupid words on Wall 🙂 etc. An analyst says that If facebook switch to C++ from PHP , facebook could move 30,000 servers down just to 7500 servers, and trim 49000 tons of Carbon dioxide emission from its footprint.

Since an average server consumes about 200 watt and with an average SI EER ( Site Infrastructure Energy Efficiency Ration)  of 2. This translates to around 400 watt including  cooling and other overhead, and this brings us to a total CO2 emission by the facebook server park of about 59000 ton of CO2 per year. This is 1/1000 th of the total CO2 emission by Finland( an European continent ).

Facebook only says “the bulk” is running PHP. Of course we know that C/C++ are most efficient than any other high level language. But definitely it is very difficult to develop facebook using C++. But facebook is a big company, earns like anything. Why can’t they invest and recruit C++ developers in mass and try to achieve it? Why can’t they want to give an environment friendly Facebook?. hmmm profit ! now they are getting nice money, why the hell they want to think about environment?

All the data, what I have given here may not be exactly correct, but it make sense if we think over it. Common guys upload your resume to facebook , mention in resume that We will give environment friendly facebook :). Facebook spends $1million on their electricity bill per month. Guys you can reduce this amount too :).

See when we talk about google, facebook and twitter we get these kind of big information. Now just think about the millions of websites, millions of servers, altogether how much CO2 is being released? just think. After reading this , girls please don’t stop uploading your photos 🙂 :).



  1. Veeresh said,

    Superrr analysis sada….. good one.
    As sada said girls don’t mis-understnd this article… 🙂

  2. Saritha™ said,

    Nice one SAD anand 😉

  3. pooja said,

    waste of downloding gls pic u wnt talk to gals oly

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