Dr. Raj Baldev An Indian Cosmo Theorist.

September 25, 2010 at 11:29 PM (Non Technical)

There was a time in past, where many of the innovations in the world are done by the Indians, But most of them are not put forth in front of the world, and then after many years some one else ( a foreigner ) invent the same and it was published in books, magazines , TV channels and it become famous . The Indians who invented long before was sat behind the screen, nobody recognized it. Finally credit gone to a foreigner.

Let it be, that time there was no such media, magazines, etc in India , Technology was not so developed in India, so we Indians were unable to publish it and unable to put forth in front of this world. But if the same thing happens now , in this 21st century do you believe it? What I am going to point out here is , Let us think that an Indian invented something in 2003 and it was published in book. There after a year, say in 2004 some one else ( a foreigner ) invented the same theory and it became a famous and the fellow become a famous scientist, and a famous program was broadcasted in discovery channel, National Geography channel. An Indian who invented it in 2003, was not exposed to the world.. Do you believe this? and is it acceptable? Can a great scientist cheat like this ? proposing some one else theory , on his name  !! is it not illegal ? what does it show? does still the developed countries like ( US, UK ,Japan etc ) are neglecting an indian ? neglecting our nation?.

Yes guys , here is the real fact. few days back i received a sms from my friend , hey sadu watch discovery channel , they are showing about black holes. I switched on the TV , and i was watching, They are showing about a theory proposed by Stephen Hawking’s . As I am bit interested in Astrophysics, I started to listen it carefully . After that I was simply doing R&D on that topic, and I found one useful link . When I did go through that link. I stunned, I came to know that , whatever theory stephen hawkings proposed in 2004, that theory was proposed by an Indian scientist Dr. Raj Baldev in 2003 itself.

Yes guys, Dr.Raj Baldev is a great cosmo theorist , he proposed a theory that , ” Black Holes not only suck the material but are also responsible to make all systems in the Universe”. Raj Baldev proposed his theory in his book ” Two Big Bangs Created the Universe “.

In 2004 the same theory was proposed by The great scientist Stephen Hawkings , he proposed many theories on black hole and universe. he is the most honourable scientist . But my question is , being in such a great position, how can he make such a big mistake? . Stephen Hawking can at least mention Dr. Raj Baldev’s name while proposing the theory. At least he can give credits to Dr. Raj Baldev, and the media in western countries also gave credits to Stephen Hawkings. An Indian scientist sat behind the screen.

This was not acceptable , and Mr.C.L.Sahu, Advocate Supreme Court of India, and author of Presidents of America and India, served a legal notice on Prof. Stephen Hawking for violating the copy right of Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India on the issue of ‘Black Hole’. But nobody cared about it. Is it just because Dr. Raj Baldev is an Indian ? Is an Indian is neglected here? Is our nation is neglected? .

Ok forget everything , all western media did give credit to Stephen Hawking, but what the media in India are doing?  and we not even aware of this!! Anybody knows about this?. Every time we Indians will be neglected , and what our government is doing? why can’t they take legal action on this? . ah ha what I am telling , for great chess champion Vishwanathan Anand , our politician asked Is Anand is an Indian? such stupids are there in Indian government, Then how can they do take legal notice on Stephen Hawking? . Our media did expose stupid matters but they not even know about these kind of matters . I don’t know when this whole system change, and I even don’t know what is the solution for this.



  1. vandana said,

  2. Sadanand said,

    @vandu: yes dear vandan , I already gone through that link. What is my concern is , stephen hawking might did his research in parallel with Dr. Raj Baldev and he might have been proposed his point of view, but once Mr.C.L.Sahu, Advocate Supreme Court of India, raised his voice against this matter , at least that moment Stephen Hawking should have be tell about the matter, at least he might have taken Raj Baldev’s name. He might have pointed out Raj Baldev’s point of view on Black holes.

    If you read book written by Dr.Raj Baldev , in his book he did give credits to Stephen Hawking, and he pointed what is wrong in Stephen’ theory .
    In the same way Stephen Hawking suppose to do, at least after he came to know that Raj Baldev did it in the past year. but nobody did talk about Raj Baldev . Matter seems not simple. Still today also , when Discovery channel did broad cast a program , in that program Stephen Hawking did explained his theory , see now atleast he can take Raj Baldev’s name and he can give credits to Dr. Raj.

    Why Stephen Hawking is not taking Raj baldev’s name? and now he know about the fact that Dr. Raj invented this in 2003 itself. at least now ?????

  3. vandana said,

    He he….Cheer up sadu…Did u see, what the had wriiten “This problem is in fact unscientifical, it is the problem of the ego. No human is above it, except a few enlightened ones.”

    You know Tesla and Edison right?
    Edison: His theory and work formed the basis of DC
    Tesla: Formed the basis of modern alternating current(AC)

    When Telsa came up with ideas of AC, edison and his followers tried max to prove his theory wrong . , but he faild. Now see…world runs on AC. You can google and read abt the rivalry betwwen Edison and Tesla. You will be shocked.

    Now, y did edison made efforts to become hurdle in Tesla ‘s work. There is nothing like an indian is being neglected. Its all persons ego, in this case it made Stephen .

    Problem is, many people wont consitently accept the ideas of other compettiors. Something new might have been proposed, will respect his idea..these sort of thinking will be mssing in many of them. Watch prestige film.

    Who is strong ,wil come up, will be remarked. who gets weak, he wil be pulled down.

    • Sadanand said,

      @vandu: Point to be noted is ” This problem is in fact unscientifical, it is the problem of the ego. No human is above it, except a few enlightened ones.”

      forget Stephen Hawkings , but what other scientists are doing? why the one who did broad cast in Discovery channel did not point out Raj Baldev ? why they did take name of Stephen only ? Why nasa did not look towards Raj Baldev?
      It is not only about Stephen !!

      intension for writing is not just to point out Stephen , but over all how an Indian is neglected here? why our media can’t publish this enough so that everybody will be aware of this? of course the whole article point out Stephen Hawkings, but if you think over it then you will feel what I am thinking 🙂 .

  4. vandana said,

    Hmm. I got your point. May be Indian media is busy now days to give only breaking news regarding ” Rahul gandhi, sania mirja, Swayamwar “.. Everywhere is politics, money. Even media now runs in same way.

  5. Raj Pawan said,

    Illuminating! I never knew of Dr. Raj Baldev.

    Well, my take on your thoughts regarding Stephen Hawking:

    Stephen Hawking does not discriminate people based on their racial backgrounds. In his book “A brief history of time”, he has mentioned and admired time and again the work of Dr. S Chandrashekar’s – “Chandrashekhar’s limit”.

    It is possible that both Stephen Hawking and Dr. Baldev have developed this theory independently, which often do we see in the history of Science. Because, scientists do not have time to get the current updates about their co-scientists working around the world. Their work comes to light only when it is accepted by scientific community, this is why we find Stephen Hawking admiring Dr. Chandrashekar whose theory was well accepted way back.

    But then, when a legal notice was given, if Stephen Hawking has realized that the theory was indeed put forth a year before his proposal, he should have rightly acknowledged it and credited Dr. Baldev too.

    Are there any follow ups regarding Stephen Hawking’s reactions to the Legal notice?

    And its a wonder, Dr. Baldev inspired by Stephen Hawking himself has done the job in 11 years, the same which Stephen took 30+12 years! Cheers . . .

  6. SAN said,

    hey thanks for highlighting Dr RAJ BALDEV …..thanks for knowing the fact keep doing things one day we will rock.

  7. Sadanand said,

    @Raj: hi raj according to my R&D I did come to know that a legal notice is sent to Stephen
    But In cern document server it is saved something like this

    ” In this connection, the publishers of Dr. Raj Baldev’s book sent a legal notice to Mr. Stephen Hawking in this regard through the British High Commission to India for violating his copy right. Later on, keeping in view the good relations between India and the UK, the matter was dropped.”
    See if it is the case , ok let then drop it there itself , but who invented first that should be considered right? after dropping the matter why they should neglect Dr. Raj ?

    Cern document server is the one which stores the bibliographic records, including fulltext documents, of interest to people working in particle physics and related areas.
    So we can’t say that whatever written in that document is wrong.

    just go through the link http://is.gd/fwT88
    In that link if you don’t have time read everything, then read last paragraph. this much evidence i can give you.

    @San : yeah san , Raj pawan did pointed good thing over here, what stephen hawking could’t do in 30 yrs, Dr. Raj did it in 11 yrs . that is really great .

    • Raj Pawan said,

      Yes buddy, the link indeed is a wealth of information.

      As we already discussed, this line is of interest to me from the link you posted: “. . . Later on, keeping in view the good relations between India and the UK, the matter was dropped . . .”

      This is truly absurd and disappointing. Copyrights violation dropped for maintaining good relation! When are we going to be mature? My pity and sympathies to both Dr. Raj Baldev and Indian people who could have been proud if this theory would have been in the name and credit of INDIA! When are things gonna change?

      The originator of the theory should rightly be credited not only for the sake of hard work, but also because he/she has the right knowledge. If he/she gets the right encouragement, there will be more wonders produced out of him since his morale is up. It is science which benefits ultimately, not just the nation & its people.

  8. Raj Pawan said,

    And also, we cant blame Stephen blindly. It is still possible that he is not aware of Dr. Raj Baldev’s work yet! It may be that the legal notice is dropped while it hasnt made an impact on Stephen Hawking. Or, the whole incident may have undergone some cheap political tricks so that the notice was not brought into light.

    Nothing can be confirmed until Stephen Hawking himself talks about Dr. Raj Baldev’s work, which then proves that he is aware of Dr. Raj Baldev and his work, and also his views on him and his work.

  9. Sadanand said,

    @Raj : When that Stephen talks about Dr.Raj, that god only know, whatever it may be everything is completely unacceptable .

  10. sneha said,

    This is not right to take credit of others. if Stephen Hawking would have done so then this is definitely wrong.He shouldn’t have done so.

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