Lunar Ring Project:(What an Idea SirJi )

June 24, 2010 at 10:01 AM (Non Technical)

Just think about the technology around us, how fast we are growing, we can control anything in this world, there are many great minds who did made an impossible to possible. But still we are unable to win against the nature, We invented the technology which does give information about the possibility of earth quake , we did invent the technology which give us the information about the possibility of lava explosion, we did invent the technology which give us the information about the possibility of tSunami . But we are just can get the information and can take the precaution , are we able to stop that event to happen? NO No not at all.

Similar kind of one more problem that we are facing around us is Global warming, all the natural resources like petrol , diesel are draining . So what we did? we can just take the precaution so that we can extend the life of natural resources, but can we produce it? So what we are doing right now? ultimate solution is Solar energy .

Still we face many problems in using solar energy, in rainy season and in the places where we did not get enough solar energy we can not provide the required need. So I was simply searching in internet how can we utilize solar energy efficiently? how can we produce electric energy using solar power ? while searching that I got one site which is the website of Shimizu corporation Japan.

They did propose a very wonderful idea which does produce energy from sun light and that never ever ends. But implementing that project and what difficulty they might face to achieve that ? still unanswered . Any how I will put forth in front of you people about the Lunar Solar Power Generation Project.

Lunar solar Power Generation:

Virtually inexhaustible, nonpolluting solar energy is the ultimate source of green energy that brings prosperity to nature as well as our lives.Shimizu Corporation proposes The LUNA RING for the infinite coexistence of mankind and the Earth.

Here is the Model of LUNA RING:

Lunar Ring Project

Lunar Ring Project

What is the Idea?

As we know that plenty of sun rays are available in the space, as there is no clouds etc. And what Shimizu thought is generating electric energy from solar energy in space and transmitting it to the earth. Ya of course the idea seems to be very simple, but how to use solar energy in space? where to construct the station for that? we need solar plates and we need to fix them somewhere in the space right? but where to fix? and how to fix? and how to maintain them in near future?

For everything Shimizu did give the solution. What they thought is as you can see in the figure, moon is in-between earth and sun and on the surface of the moon a space station will be constructed where we can establish the power generation plant, they thought that is the best and safest place.

1> But where to fix the Solar plates?

for this they did give one nice idea, at on face of the moon, the face that is facing the sun, where we get solar energy continuously, on that place will establish a ring of solar plates, The solar plates looks like a belt which cover entire 11,000KM of lunar equator. This belt will grow in width from few kilometers to 400 Km.

Solar Plates On Lunar Equator

Solar Plates On Lunar Equator

2> Electric power cables

The cables will transfer the electric power from the lunar solar cells to the transmission facilities. That is the place where solar cells fixed to the place where power is transmitted to earth. I think it is not clear , let me describe it neatly. See Solar plates are fixed on the lunar equator, and there is a place on moon from where we transmit the energy to earth. But the solar energy need to be transmitted from lunar equator to transmitting end. this is done by using cables. See the figure where it s marked as 2.

3> Microwave power transmission antennas

The 20km-diameter antennas will transmit power to the receiving antennas. A guidance beacon (radio beacon) brought from the Earth will be used to ensure accurate transmission.

The solar energy received from these solar plates will be transmitted to earth in the form of  high density laser beam, the receiving antennas on earth will receive the laser beam and will convert it into different kind of energy forms.

4> Laser power transmission facilities

High-energy-density laser will be beamed to the receiving facilities. A guidance beacon (radio beacon) brought from the Earth will be used to ensure accurate transmission.

5> Transportation route along the lunar equator

Materials needed for the construction and maintenance of the Solar Belt will be transported along this route. Electric power cables will be installed under the transportation route.

But we need to construct the entire station on the surface of the moon, does is not difficult? Of course and Shimizu tell like this – most of the resources we use it from the moon’s surface, like sand, rocks , etc only needed resources will be taken for earth. Resources of the moon are effectively utilized. And Robots are heavily used to construct this. Utilization of moon’s Resources if the best part of this.

6> Solar cell production plants

The plants will move automatically while producing solar cells from lunar resources and installing them.

Whatever it may be the idea is simply superb, Che many times we think about this matters, we discuss about this matter, but we never imagined in this way right? Even if i tell this to any of my friend, they will say common dude no jokes 🙂 because if you just think, it is simply impossible but technology grown like anything. if they invest and take the project then definitely it is achievable. What you say?

Idu ond tara sooryanige torchaaa andangaaytu ala? nodi chandirana mele hogi, sooryana edurige nintu avana aa shaktina use maadidange alwa? nice idea.

They proposed many more such ideas, if you are interested then visit the following sites



  1. sandeep said,

    Take a cable wire and connect it to dirct sun.You will get tremendous energy/power:)

  2. sandy said,

    Just kidding buddy:)

  3. Vitthal Tirlapur said,

    Really a nice article..But the thought of shimizu is AWESOME!!!! Hope one day ll see it being implemented.

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