Boiling Oceans!!!

January 23, 2010 at 12:48 PM (Non Technical)

I am the nature lover, I love to visit forests, I love to watch animals in the forests, I love to enjoy the beach scene, totally I love this beauty of earth. Of Course everybody likes all these and I am one among them. But usually in free time I will be thinking about what is there in our future? How Long the human being can enjoy this? so many times me and my room-mate Abhi and puneet were discussing about this Universe,stars, earth. I love to discuss with my room-mates, both Abhi and Puneeth will think in a very different way. Interestingly once we both were discussing about a topic ” What is there beyond the Universe? “. You may ask what a stupid question it is!!! but can anybody have an answer? some one saying it is infinite, some one saying there will be  only darkness after a particular  space point etc etc. At the end of discussion even we ended up without any conclusion, but it was a great discussion, we enjoyed a lot. 

Few days back I was alone in my room for three days, all my roommates went to their native, and I was watching the photos that we took in Jog, ha nice photos, but suddenly one stupid question came in my mind, how long all these things? ( again the same question ), how long we can enjoy these on earth?. So I thought of to search on this topic, finally after googling a lot ( was getting bore in room what to do? I was alone !!!) I got some interesting facts and it is my hobby to share with my friends so thought of writing blog on this. 

How Long Life Survive On This Earth: 

According to scientists our earth was born some 4.5 billion years ago, and it will survive another 7.5 billion years too. When the sun becomes red giant and probably will destroy the earth. According to Peter  Ward ( ) things are going to heat up much earlier. It was calculated that the energy coming from the sun will heat up the earth so much that our oceans will evaporate completely within billions of years. 

Will Earth Survive Somehow?: 

Interesting question is, will our earth survive somehow when sun becomes  red giant? and what does the meaning of red giant? here it is,Red giant is one of the phase of life cycle of the star.  When a star becomes red giant, it starts losing its energy, loses its huge mass, it starts to expand in the Universe, that is end of life of a star technical word is stellar evolution . According to scientists our sun is 30 percent bigger already than when it first came into being. So when our sun becomes red giant he will start to expand in the Universe, loses his huge mass, and he will start to consume the inner planets. The question is does expanding sun will overtake the planets spiraling out words or will the earth escapes its grasp. 

According to Schroder and Smith, when the sun become red giant star ( still 7.5 billion years ), it will start to lose its mass rapidly. By the time it reaches its largest radius that is 256 times greater than the current size, It will be down to only 67% of its current mass. When the sun does begin to  bloat up, it will go quickly and will sweep into the inner solar system in just 5 million years. By the time it approaches the earth it will be losing 4.9 x 1020 tonns of mass every  year(8%  of  mass  of  the earth ). 

But my question is where does the evaporated ocean water goes? and enormous heat ( energy ) released by dying sun may cause to melt the ice surface of the some other star which may again produce the water somewhere else in the Universe , and does it begin of new life? As we all know that energy neither be created nor be destroyed then where does that released energy go? who know it may begin new life somewhere else !!! things goes interestingly as we go on think on this. This is all unbelievable but everything is fact. 

Somewhere I found this ” At the time of sun’s red giant cycle, it will be so hot on the surface of the earth that the ocean will boil away. “ Just imagine friends boiling oceans !!! wow nice to see right? and there will be no place to hide from the terrible temperature. Only the organism that are there in the deep underground will survive. 

Boiling Oceans: 

Boiling Ocean

Boiling Ocean

As I am discussing about the stars  and  the earth here, I remember one more incident that happen in my college days. While doing our final year project, Me and my project mates were discussing about an event that we read in news. Yes that is about the star blast. That was most powerful blast ever observed in the universe detected by NASA’s swift telescope and you could have seen the bright blast with necked eyes, despite its enormous distance of 12.8 billion light years. One more thing want to discuss here, I am not sure how many of you know about this. What is the meaning of  light years? what does mean 12.8 billion light years away? I am not asking the definition of light year but instead the meaning. 12.8 billion light year means, I can say that the star was blasted 12.8 light years before but the light rays emerged from the blast are reached our planet now. Does it sounds good? I think am right, but if anybody have different idea on this please let me know, but before that just think about what I said. It was nice discussion I ever had in my college days . 

Guys I wrote this blog long before but didn’t post because I was still thinking about the question that I asked before ” Beyond the universe ” , i was thinking this is a stupid question so I was thinking whether to remove that part from the blog? or to include? I was searching in internet but was not getting enough information to say that it is not a stupid question. But on 17thJan me and Raj paban went to Krishna Temple ( to enjoy the Paryaya mahotsava ) that time I took a book ” Albert Einstein ” , just reading and he explained the theory of relativity nicely , soon after his theory several scientists started to think about the Origin of the Universe and some scientists started to think about ” what is Beyond the universe?” Then I felt whatever we discussed may not be stupid!!! 

One more interesting thing I wanted to discuss here, Arre what to do I want to finish this blog but many interesting and stupid question coming in my mind, ok now one more stupid question is why time does not go back? does it look funny? This I did get when I was thinking about Big Bang theory. After this question I didn’t get anything because that time I was not known how to use internet, but when i was in BE I read one article , in that they did explain why time goes to future? why it didn’t go back? interestingly it is completely explained on Big Bang theory. That time I felt very happy because something I got and I did get answer too !!! but again the question is why the time does not go back? Guys in physics theory they did proved that time can go for past also. Regarding this just think yourself, now I will stop the discussion. 

If anybody get such questions in your mind then please mail me ( ) and please  discuss with me , I love such discussion, Thank you. 

Finally one more thing, can we survive? you can’t say that we can’t survive, because by that time our technology might have been developed in such a way that we can go for some other galaxy and we can find a safer place to survive for few more billion years. Another galaxy? I think impossible!! Is It?


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