December 23, 2009 at 5:46 PM (New Year, Non Technical)

First of all Happy New Year to all, again we all are waiting for new year, new fun, dreams, etc etc.When December month comes I start to think What did I do in this year? and What to do in next year?. Not a complete plan but I will just spend few hours to think over that while travelling, sitting alone somewhere. This time I thought of writing blog on the topic LIFE. I decided to write whatever comes in my mind by reminding few of the events that I come across in my life.

What is Life?

I am not a great philosopher to define the meaning of Life, but after searching a lot about this I find one beautiful definition for Life : ” ALL LOVE IS LIFE, ALL SELFISHNESS IS DEATH“. This is very simple but powerful definition of life given by Swami Vivekananda.

How can we make this life beautiful? I will write my own points regarding  this, and till now I enjoyed my Life, I am able to put colours in my Life, of course this is not the final, everybody has their own views, but sometimes some people fail to make it beautiful. I always follow the following things in my life, which made me to feel happy always.

1> Satisfaction:

I believe this is the most important thing that is required for wonderful life, we should be satisfied by whatever we have right now, of course we should aim for high, but it should be to achieve something, nothing else.

2> Better Understanding:

Have better understanding with your friends and family. Never take decisions when you are angry, better try to avoid this anger, because this is the one which spoils the relationship. Again Swami Vivekananda said, ” In a controversy the instant we feel angry we have already ceased striving for the truth”. So keep yourself always calm, give enough time to mind to think, never allow it to take decisions in anger.

3> Say Good Bye to bad habits:

Please keep yourself away from bad habits, never cultivate smoking, drinking in your life. It will spoil your health.

“Health is the greatest gift of God, Contentment is the greatest wealth, faithfulness is the best relationship”.

4> Forgiveness:

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love, in return, you will receive untold peace and happiness”.

Everybody will commit mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly, but the other person should have an open heart to forgive, simultaneously never put back yourself to say SORRY when you will do mistakes. Sometimes you may face the situation in which you suppose to say sorry even though you did nothing wrong, its ok say sorry and you are telling in front of your friend, to whom you treat as your own so no hesitation, just say sorry and just forgive when your friend say sorry.

Open your arms to hug your close one, when they will do mistakes and will say sorry, it gives great contentment.

5> Enjoyment:

Yes some sort of enjoyment is essential for this life to make this mind fresh. I am not talking about the enjoyment like smoking, drinking , visiting pub, bar etc.

Common guys open your eyes look into this beautiful world , enjoy yourself with your friends, visit some good places, listen to the music, enjoy the beauty of this green, ocean, which will relax your mind and give happiness.

6> Learn something from bad:

This is one of the most important step that we should take in this life, it is common that we face some bad moments in our life, but try to learn something from those bad moments, think that we still have to try to become perfect. Why I am telling this is , I saw so many of my friends who spoiled their life by taking bad decisions when they are in bad time. They start bad habits, lose their patience which should never happen. So analyse the bad time and try to learn something good from the bad.

So finally once again Happy New Year to you all, enjoy the life, be happy always, all the best.




  1. Naj said,

    Wish u happy new year;)

  2. Mankuthimma said,

    En le Teggi doddu philosopher aagbittidiya… :o) Wonderful insight maga, I loved it. It’s like a precious new year gift that u’ve given us. Happy new year to u too..

  3. jyoti said,

    hey anna Wish u Happy new year……… Its very very effective one…… The article can change one’s view of thinking……The point abt Forgiveness u hv written very absolute..I liked it……

  4. shridevi said,

    Belated happy new year.very nice article.
    our forgiveness must be total and complete,when you forgive,make sure that you forget it.If a person will take poison,then that person will die.but if a person have habit of drinking and smoking,then his whole family die with him.

  5. Gayatri said,

    Nice article ha. and it is effective commented on anger, yes you are rite, Anger begins in folly and ends in repentance.

  6. vandana said,

    yen le ..isht dodd philosopher aag bitti …..hmmm felt good after reading. .. “Life is short. Be happy always and keep smiling. Life is too small to complain”

  7. Sadanand said,

    @Vandana : Not philosophy le some incidents that I come across few days back forced me to write this article and thought to write. I didn’t think much about whether I am doing right or wrong, just whatever I do follow and I do think that I wrote thats it.

  8. soumya said,

    hiiiiiii so i never knew ur such a gr8 have really written a fabolous have expressed a correct decision abt todays youth,prob faced by them.its really a facinating one.

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