October 28, 2009 at 10:15 PM (You Can Win)

Dear friends few days back my sister gifted me a wonderful book and I started reading the same. The book is very famous, I think you all know about that book, “YOU CAN WIN” by SHIV KHERA.

Finally I thought of sharing few useful thoughts with you all. Here I am writing a story given in that book, the moral of the story tells  something about “Attitude”, so let me start.


Hafiz was a farmer in Africa who was happy and content. He was happy because he was content. He was content because he was happy. One day a wise man came to him and told him about the glory of diamonds and the power that goes along with them. The wise man said, “If you had a diamond the size of your thumb, you can buy your own city. If you had a diamond the size of your fist, you can probably buy your own country.” and the wise man left. That night Hafiz could not sleep. He was unhappy and discontented. He was unhappy because he was discontented. He was discontented because he was unhappy.

The next morning Hafiz made arrangement to sell his farm, took care of his family, and went off in search of diamonds. He looked all over Africa and could not find any. He looked all over the Europe and could not find any. By the time he got to Spain, he was emotionally, physically, financially depleted. He was so disheartened that he committed suicide by throwing himself into the Barceloan River.

Back home, the person who had bought his farm was watering the camels at the stream that ran through the property. The rays of morning sun hit a stone and made it sparkle like a rainbow. He thought the stone would look good in his living room. He picked up the stone and put it on his mantle piece. That afternoon the wise man came and saw the stone sparkling. he asked, “Is Hafiz back?”. The new owner said, “No, why do you ask?”. The wise man said ” Because that is a diamond. I recognized one when I see one”. The man said, “No thats just a stone. I picked up from the stream. Come I will show you. There are many more”.

They went and picked some samples and sent them for analysis. Sure enough, the stones were Diamonds. They found that the farm was indeed covered with acres of diamonds.

Moral of the story.

1> When our Attitude is right, we realise that we are walking on acres and acres of diamonds. Opportunity is always under our feet. We dont have to go anywhere. All we need to do is recognize it.

2> The grass always looks greener on the other side.

3> People who dont know how to recognize opportunity, complain of noise when it knocks.

4> Opportunities are easily recognized when they are leaving rather than when they are coming.

5> Opportunity only knocks once. The next one may be better or worse, but never the same one. That is why it is crucial to make the right decision at the right time. A right decision at the wrong time becomes the wrong decision.

Finally I would like to tell my friends, so many times I was fighting with some of my friends who do not satisfy for whatever they have. God has given enough to them but they are still unhappy, discontented. So what I want to tell is, be satisfied with what you have, be satisfied with what you do, enjoy your work, whatever may be the work if you are doing it means you should do it with smile. Satisfaction is very important. Ha satisfaction does not mean that you should do the same throughout the life. Yes try to achieve more, but first you should enjoy the present then look for the future.

“Attitude is a little thing which makes a big difference in Life, but it should be like “I am not the Best, but I am not like the Rest”.



  1. shridevi said,

    Superb article.Keep it up.

  2. Nivedita said,

    Hey Sadu..
    Article is good..!! Long time back I read this book ..Thank you ur informative blog.

  3. Raj Pawan said,

    Nice one buddy, same thoughts we were discussing on the other day, right?

  4. Sadanand said,

    @ Raj Pawan: Ya you are right buddy, we were discussing the same that day.

    @ Shridevi and Nivedita: Thanks for your comments.

  5. vandana said,

    hey gud1 dear… myalin myale nin article odbek andang aat yelaru…hadi tapplikatr sudd agtivi..:)… By the way if u get time read the book “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. superb book le. Lot aspects regarding life. Good story of a shephard. you can write a gud article on that.

  6. Sadanand said,

    @Vandana: Alchemist this book? sure will try to read, infact I don’t have hobby my sister gifted me that book so started reading. But If u are telling then I will try to read that too 🙂

  7. Prasad said, Alchemist., so that u can add one more blog with ur precious words…
    By the way, i read few of them n they were good… keep it up Sadu.. 🙂
    Happy blogging

  8. Sadanand said,

    @Prasad : Thanks and sure will try to read the book you suggested.

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