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Hey hey wait wait,now don’t ask me that “Oh god I know computer, now what is this simputer?”,please have patience and read about this, yes today I am telling about a computer like device simputer.

Simputer is a self-contained, open hardware handheld computer, designed by the Simputer Trust, a non profit organization formed in November 1999 by seven INDIAN scientists and engineers led by Dr. Swami Manohar.

The word Simputer is an acronomy for “simple inexpensive and multilingual people’s computer”. Then what magic is there in this small and cute device??? Wait is it really cute?? I felt like that, oh no you want to see it??

then click on this link,

Features of Simputer:

1> Text-to-Speech.

        It includes Text-to-Speech software. It is a kind of speech recognition, and you all know about this, Microsoft is still struggling to give an accuracy in this technology. Simputer has this nice feature.

       Does your iPhone has this feature(built in)??

2> Linux OS.

       It runs GNU/Linux Operating System, then it must be stable, what do you say?

3> Hand writing.

        Amida allows you to write on every screen using stylus and send such writings by mail. This is the world’s first instance of any computer permitting annotation and e-mailing. One can write in any language, so far the first time the knowledge of english is not pre-requisite to use hand held computers.

        ” Does your iPhone has this feature??”

        The power of annotation is not limited to writing, it has been logically extended to speaking.

4> Interfacing.

         Our Amida simputer can be connected to a CDMA mobile phone and is used to browse the internet- while moving. This has two USB slots and opens the door to a wide variety of USB- compatible devices.

         Amida also connects to GSM and GPRS enabled phones for network connectivity, being enabled to connect to WiFi. Twin USB ports allow Amida to be connected to a range of HP and Epson printers as well as allow small portable battery operated printers to be connected for bill printing purposes.

5> Smart Cars reader/writer.

          World’s first hand held computer that has built-in integrated Smart Card reader/writer.

6> Scribble Pad.

           Doodle or take down a diagram during a meeting. With your own hand, draw diagram and save it in your Amida. “Does iPhone has this feature?”.


     1> Simputers were extensively used by the Government of Karnataka to automate the process of land records procurement.

    2> In 2005 they were used in a variety of innovative and interesting applications, such as automobile engine diagnostics (Mahindra nad Mahindra in Mumbai).

    3> Used for Electronic Money transfer between UK, Ghana and others.

    4> Recently simputers are deployed by police force to track traffic offenders and issue traffic tickets.

    5> Used by Indian Military.

  Is your iPhone has all such features? Hand writing and e-mailing, text to speech built-in, Scribble pad, Smart card reader/writer, have you ever found such a great device?.

  Yes this is all about our Amida designed and developed by our scientists. You might observed that i compared this with iPhone and you might feel that I am wrong because iPhone is a mobile phone and Amida simputer is a hand held computer, so I should not compare the both. My dear friends I just compared the features that are there in Amida but not there in any other device in this world. Only Amida simputer has all. And finally I want to ask you a question i.e,

“Why iPhone is so popular? Why not simputer?” as you know there are so many advanced features hidden in Amida, then why  it is not popular? Infact most of the people are not even know about this, I am still in search of answer. My friend and I discussed regarding this in our room, that time I thought of writing a blog on this, and now I am expecting some response from your end, try to answer for my question, am waiting……..


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