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June 28, 2009 at 12:22 PM (Non Technical)

Hi freinds, through this blog i would like to discuss something related to search engines.

 Every hit in a google search bar releases a huge amount of  CO2, Arre what I am saying?? Yes this is the fact and I think most of us know about it, but I think most of us don’t know how exactly it happens. So here is my attempt to give exact figure of the amount of CO2 released and description on how exactly a search using google releases CO2.

A report about on line energy consumption( Google and you will damage the Planet) said that “Performing two google searches from a desktop computers can generate about the same carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle” or about 7g of CO2 per search.

A recent report by Gartner the Industry analyst, said that Global IT industry generate as much green house gas as the world’s airlines about 2% of global CO2 emission.

“Data centers are among the most intensive energy facilities” said by Evan Mills a scientist at the Lawrence Berkly National Laboratory in California. Banks of servers storing billions of web pages require huge amount of processing power, and the processing power comes from energy resources, like burning the coal ultimately they release CO2.

When you hit something into google’s search bar, the query is served in thousands of servers and it may be sent to the servers that are thousands of miles apart and google sends you the data whichever produced fastest.

Wissner Gross has submitted his research and he said Google’s primary concern is to make the search fastest and that means they have a lot of extra capacity that burns energy and ultimately releases CO2.

It is estimated that viewing a simple web page releases 0.2g of CO2 per second( see its per second), and this is tenfold to about 0.2g of CO2 a second when viewing a website with complex images, animations or videos.

OK it is all about the exact figures of amount of CO2 released but have you ever thought how exactly it happens? Why a search releases CO2?  In the above discussion I already pointed but here is little more explanation about this.

Google till now has maintained 450,000 servers  (see number of servers) and Indexed nearly trillion web pages. As you might be knowing the meaning of Google, its nothing but the largest number named by mathematicians i.e one followed by 100 zeros. The aim of Google is to reach that number as their number of pages indexed. So such huge number of servers maintained by Google and each hit in google is served by several thousands of servers because google’s ultimate goal is fastest search. So it needs large amount of energy.

Now just imagine how much energy is required to maintain such a large number of servers, and we can easily point here that it needs much energy, and from where that energy comes? Ultimately it is by burning the energy sources like coal etc. And they can’t use solar power for such amount of energy even they can’t use wind power.

If I tell you about the Google’s Data center, you only able to figure it out about the CO2 release. One of the largest data centre of the Google is located in the town of Dalles, Oregon approximately 80 miles from portland, this new complex is approximately the size of two football fields. Shocked??? Yes two football fields sized data centre. Now you can imagine the CO2 released by these data centres.

Then can we stop googling??? If i say yes then we suppose to stop all our work, isn’t it? If we stop googling, none of the work will complete in IT, even I used nearly 5 hours to collect this information using Google, then how much CO2 released?? Calculate it by yourself I am weak in Maths. Ha we can go for some alternatives instead of using google, we can use reduces the amount of energy used, blackle is a search engine powered by google. Just click on that link. You will come to know how it reduces the amount of energy used. And still there is lot of things to think over this, I think this much is enough now.


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