The Elephants Around Us

March 5, 2009 at 9:18 PM (Non Technical)

“Please don’t just read,try to feel it”
Dear friends a few days back i was thinking about our Indian software companies,about Indian software engineers.Every one knows that India is leading country in the area of software.There are thousands of software companies established in India and number of software engineers, Uff uncountable.But why we are not at Top Position in the World? WhyMicrosoft,Google,Apple ,IBM established a great market share in the world? What happens to Indian company? Why can’t we beat them? So many questions were eating my head.Then I started to search about this,here and there I got answers to these questions.
Most of foreign companies easily establish there market in India,why Indian companies are not growing in that extent? When I started thinking about this I was not getting any idea about this but finally Internet ka Baap(Google) helped me.I searched and got so many facts which gave me the answer.Then what are these facts? Keep on reading…..
When these MNCs started entering into Indian market,it became harder to compete with them.MNCs always afford to pay better,this is because they are financially more strong than us.Here are some facts: If a company in USA which does software development for itself,say it spends $7000/-per person for a month in USA.If it opens a development centre in India and it spends $4000/-per person for a month.It still gets profit of $3000/-.On the other hand an Indian software company developing software for clients,even if it charges $4000/-per person for a month,it can’t spend entire amount as it must also make profit in this $4000/-rate.
Even if an Indian company starts in USA,it is hard to create market there for itself & there is reasonable chances of success.No company will make this move as investments are very high.An average s/w professional in USA costs about $80,000.Hence cost of running a company of 50 members will be $400,000 per year.In addition there is also cost of setting up the company.
Hey I am not concluding that India is weaker than USA but we have not yet reached the top position in world’s market that is the fact.Then what I am trying to tell is,we shout beat them.We are not at the top ,but are not weaker than other countries: Here are the some highlights of success of India.
India possess more Billionaires than China.The Forbes magazine had stated that it was only this year that china reached 42 Billionaires where as India already reached 53 Billionaires in last year.
Another striking feature is that 44% of Top fortune 500 companies are present in India which reflects the fabulous position.
But……..again but,but what?? I am telling about the top place.The Top.Yes if you see we are all working indirectly for Microsoft,IBM,Apple,Google etc.But whole situation should reverse,all companies have to work for us,that’s what top position.I think its not bad to think in that way,an Indian company can take the market place of Microsoft,IBM,Google etc.It is possible.But how?

When someone asks how? why? what? most of us stop thinking.But we should not stop,if it is difficult to get solution now,we will get it next day but keep on thinking.I will give some ideas which might help us to reach that position.
What I think?
First solution:
Innovation: It is the ultimate solution for this,we should develop a product that never found yet,something new and memorable one.If you look at google they have given such a product that every one need it for every moment,that is search engine.

If you give something new to the world,the world looks at you.Take an example:If someone opens a new hotel every one will go there and have snacks,dinner(guys Shiv Sangam).Forget the old one,new one is there right?? It is human nature to look at new things.So we have to find a software that is not yet found anywhere and it should be a memorable one.Which kind of software then? Arre you all have to think about this, me too thinking over that ok.
Second solution:
I said we should give some innovative products,for that I have an idea,we should establish more and more Research centres which always should work for such initiatives continuously and constantly.IIT is one such institute,which gives great minds and talents for India.But we still need such Research centers.But we have to establish such Research centers and then they should work for such products.
So there are few ideas that i have in my mind regarding Indian software.As I am from computer science stream I can think about this area,but we still forget medicine, Biomedical, Physics(Kiran your favorite) and chemistry.

One more thing, it is the right time for Indian software companies to work over innovative products,as you all know that US president Barak Obama has banned HIB VISA.”Many of Indians working there will return back to India,who have international experience,the return of such talented individuals will definatly imply a greater level of activity in the innovation sector”said by Hari Venkatacharya The president of TiE Toranto“.(link:

So now the great software companies(India) like Infosys,Wipro,HCL should start such innovative products by hiring such talented persons.”We have to change with time,we should take the advantages of the situation”,Barak Obama banned VISA but it would be useful for India in some other way
So now tell me is it not possible to beat these elephant(Microsoft,IBM,Apple) those are making profit around us? Hence the title”The Elephants Around Us…”The title is bit strange right??
Of course they are elephants in market share,we have to beat those elephants, can’t we?
–                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       For this blog I am expecting good response by every one who reads it.Mainly response for my last question(can’t we beat?)… And I am sure no one will say we can’t beat.

And I am also expecting few more ideas from your side,please please comment it out,your ideas and your solutions for this…


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