February 8, 2009 at 11:10 AM (Technical Articles)

Hi friends, Why can’t you think of this! You would be the first person on Earth to run an 80- Core, 10GHz , 2TB RaM machine, OK then what should I run on that machine? Vista, Ubuntu, Mac OS X or Linux? What a hell !!! No I don’t want any of these OS, I want something new OS, That is what am looking for.
Future Operating system(I don’t know who will develop this, Even I don’t know name too). So here i have collected some features of Future OS, I collected some of information from magazines, and Internet(Obviously Google…) .

Features Of Future OS:
a> Light and Fast:Instead of taking too much time to boot & instead of greedy in memory, the OS should use same memory as windows XP for resources & should be fast enough. Have an OS , so that as soon as I switch on button, and desktop shows up the next moment(Just like your TV). I recently read an article, in that they specified that 2 Intel Engineers managed Linux to boot within 5 seconds. (link : http://www.engadget.com/2008/10/07/eee-pc-modded-by-intel-engineers-to-boot-in-five-seconds/) So Future OS should be fast enough, not only in booting instead in every operations.

b> Interface:This is something important! and till now touch is given(i.e touch screen), iphone,Apple’s ipod touch and now windows7(Next version of windows, successor of vista) with multitouch capability. But in future we might see thought computing capability in OS. Yes this is not only the duty of OS developers!! but it is possible if research goes successful.

c> 64 bit computing:I don’t want to discuss much about this, because it is already implemented. Apple’s Snow Leopard,Ubuntu,Windows7 already have this feature.

d> Any where computing: This is one of the beautiful feature, Applications in an OS should capable to work over any other OS. Note:One of the Ambitious project, Alky project which wanted to make it possible for DirectX games to run on Linux & Mac,but the effort was failed , but they tried in the right way. Ref: fallingleafsystem.com

e>Ideal OS:An Ideal OS, which does most of the work in background, for example, If user connect any new device, My OS should search a driver for that in Internet and it should install that driver within fraction of seconds automatically( Fast enough). This is what we call as Version Control At OS Level.

OK friends till now i discussed the ideas that i read in some magazines and some sites and Now i want to expose my own ideas about Future OS.

My own ideas:
1> Virtual View : I would like to have same view (desktop), same files, same settings, favorites, Documents at every device in the world, Confused
OK let me expose my point in detail, A Future OS should make an image of my whole system and it should be saved in server, it should allow me to have a feel of my personal system at any corner of the world, for example, if i go to Banglore(now am in Udupi)and sit in an Internet cafe there i should be able to access my system drives and i should able to update my system’s any file,or application etc. So it should work as my personal system .

2> Platform In dependency:My OS should do everything in background, say some one edited a file in some other OS & if i just copy that file into my PC it should able to open it. My OS should convert it silently to compatible format, and it should not report any warnings to user , i mean to say everything should be done silently. That is what platform independency.

3>Object Oriented : I want to have a completely Object Oriented OS, In current Operating systems we have a file concept, but it is not that much secured(Viruses will attack easily). So if we handle everything as an Object it is possible to give more security.. is it not???

OK friends these are the few ideas that i exposed regarding Future OS, and see what a technology we have , Hats off to software and hardware developers who brings us some exciting products out. Here by sitting in home we might write an article saying that i want that, this and this!!!!! But think how hard to meet such ideas in real time!!!

Friends I mentioned very few ideas about Future OS, and I would like to tell you one thing, that is, please try to think over this & you might have any such ideas in your mind please post me such ideas here is my E-Mail id steggi_cs@yahoo.co.in .

And at the beginning i said that i don’t know who is going to develop such OS, now i am asking why cant you? Dear friends it is not a joke!! am serious why can’t you develop such OS? Every one might know the fact that DOS Operating system was written by a single person Tim Peterson in only 7 days, and Google was opened by two persons in a small house and within 10 years it become Top one in IT sector, so think, why can’t you develop such an OS in future!!
Think! Think! Think!…

Ok now i finish the words of this article, but how can i forget the person who helped me lot while writing this article!! Yes My senior, Kiran Handi , He helped me lot while writing this article, so let me say Thanks to him, Thank You Kiran.


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