About Me…

January 19, 2009 at 1:51 PM (About Me)

Hi I am Sadanand Teggi,

Working in Robosoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd




  1. sandy said,

    HI tags.
    Its good to see you,you are thinking over operating systems.You can also focus on the things as such,
    1.GRUB-Grant Unified Boot Loader(which will provide the platform for to allow
    different operating systems on desktop.)The code written for this.
    2.There are lot of live operating systems exist for linux,which will work on RAM.You
    think of building a live operating system in XP format.

    That much i know i suggestted.Thank you.

  2. pooja said,

    y u dint add ur strange

  3. pooja said,


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