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Future Of Computing World – Qubits

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Always it will be a great fun to play around something new , but if the new thing is such a thing which will completely change the basic laws then that new thing will become a joke initially and the one who invent or the one who propose it, will become a joker . Looking back the the history, we always have evidences of such a incidents where many scientists were treated as mad fellow when he proposed his theory , but later the world has accepted it .

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Something similar happened nearly 30+ years ago , at that time people were not even aware of computers , but there were great minds who thought of beyond every one’s imagination in that era of technology. I would like to share a real story of 30 years old which might change the future of computer world .

Every day in market we would be able to see a new model of computer. The process of miniaturisation has reached that extent , even one can keep his computer within his pocket. No doubt the world of technology accepted the Moor’s Law which states ” the number of transistors on a microprocessor continues to double every 18 months, the year 2020 or 2030 will find the circuits on a microprocessor measured on an atomic scale” . Thinking something even beyond that is really exceptionally mind blowing 🙂 .

A physicist at Argonne National Laboratory , Paul Benioff proposed a theory in 1981. As per his theory , the computers will become 100 times faster than today’s fastest super computers, The computers can solve most of the unsolved problems of this era , they can also solve many mathematical problems that have remained impossible for humanity . The theory proposed by Paul was almost impossible to achieve in real time. One can theoretically prove but can not make such a computer practically. The idea was not taken further and all scientists dropped it.

Though many were not interested on the idea, but there were crazy people who use to keep doing research on it . Devid Deutsch said the uniqueness of the theory proposed, brings an incredible computing power to the computers. As per his analysis , today’s Personal computers can perform gigaflops ( billions of floating-point operations per second) but Paul’s theory can make a computer which can perform 10 teraflops ( trillions of floating-point operations per second).

Hold On —- What is that theory after all ??

I am talking about a quantum computers , quantum computers are the future computers . Many questions arise by looking at few of the statements what I have given above . What are quantum computers ? how quantum computers work ? what is the history ? . I may not be able to cover all these in depth, as the concept is beyond my imagination. but I request the reader to get some interest in this and do further investigation.

Paul Benioff is the first person who proposed a quantum based computer concept and processing in 1981. His theoretical turing machine was proven but was not possible to make it practical . Some scientists say probably it might take next another 100 years to see such a computer , or even not possible in human life span on this planet .

But the scientists are crazy they don’t want to leave it . A researchers at IBM formed a team and thought to take it as a challenge. The team started working on it several , probably 10 years ago. They started making every single component from scratch to make it real , they incredible effort, research was leading them towards their dream .

What is quantum computer ?
We know that a computer understands only 0 and 1 , binary system is the heart of the computers . At any point of time our processors will process and holds either 0 or 1 . but what if I say it can hold either 0 or 1 or both 0 and 1 together at a time ?

Being in such a state of both 0 and 1 at a time ? is it not strange ? is it really possible ? Quantum computers works based on this concept. A bit is an information represented by either 0 or 1, but a 0 or 1 or both 0 and 1 at a same time , having another state of information is named as Qubit . Qbits are the heart of quantum computers. According to scientists due to the third state in quantum computers, the system will get an incredible parallel processing capability , This is what allows quantum computers to perform millions of calculations at once.

A fully functioning quantum computer could perform millions at the same time. It would instantly be the most powerful computing device ever created by mankind. “In the past, people have said, maybe it’s 50 years away, it’s a dream, maybe it’ll happen sometime,” the Daily Mail quoted Mark Ketchen of IBM’s Watson Research Centre as saying. IBM scientists finally were able to create a Qubit and The ‘qubits’ created by IBM scientists exploit a bizarre property of quantum physics that mean that a quantum computer ‘bit’, or unit of information – a ‘qubit’ – can be both 1 and 0 at once.

The concept itself is very interesting and the capability of computers is even more interesting, A 250-qubit array would contain more ‘bits’ of information than there are atoms in the entire universe. IBM says that the next step is ‘creating systems’ that exploit this power.

“The quantum computing work we are doing shows it is no longer just a brute force physics experiment. It“s time to start creating systems based on this science that will take computing to a new frontier,” said IBM scientist Matthias Steffen. “These properties will have wide-spread implications foremost for the field of data encryption where quantum computers could factor very large numbers like those used to decode and encode sensitive information,” the company added.

When some one asks how can a bit of information can be both 0 and 1 at a time ? then the scientists says one can imagine that it is more like a complex number , which holds an imaginary and real part together.

Following are the controls used to make quantum computer.
Computer scientists control the microscopic particles that act as qubits in quantum computers by using control devices.
• Ion traps use optical or magnetic fields (or a combination of both) to trap ions.
• Optical traps use light waves to trap and control particles.
• Quantum dots are made of semiconductor material and are used to contain and manipulate electrons.
• Semiconductor impurities contain electrons by using “unwanted” atoms found in semiconductor material.
• Superconducting circuits allow electrons to flow with almost no resistance at very low temperatures.

Once upon a time a theoretical concept now is real , now google is already trying out with a realtime quantum computer named as D-Wave . IBM is almost done with their experiments and willing to see a real time Q computer. There is no limit for the processing power of this human mind, human mind can not be compared to any man made computer , we can make thousands of quantum computers but human mind is beyond all those computers. No doubt one day we might cross the solar system, we might uncover the galaxies by landing our feet on them.
Sources –
How Quantum computers work

Success of IBM Research team 

Google’s Try with D-Wave

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Now Everything is Smart

July 4, 2012 at 7:33 PM (Technical Articles)

Technology is making everything simple for us, we do see many innovative devices like iPhone, iPad, Google project glass, Android phones and Many more . When we start thinking about the future , we feel like – we will be having solution for everything. Many times we do even try to think over some innovative ideas, but I feel we will be missing something which will be in front of our eyes . If we face some problems in our daily life, we will be having best innovative solution for it , but we never think beyond the box. Innovators/researchers will do things easy for us.

verything will be very difficult in the initial phase, but their continuous effort, dedication will finally give us one best, an efficient product. One such product will make our life simple and beautiful. Google stick with its search algorithms , now we get everything in seconds. Apple always tried to give innovative gadgets , now they won the heart of Apple fans , gave a magical device iPhone and iPad. Like this every innovator will bring us something memorable.

I can recall an incident , where me and my friend Ravi Prakash were going on a bike . The place was my favorite Agumbe. It was a very odd time, around 7PM , the road was completely covered by thick mist, and driving in such a dangerous Ghats , such a curving road is really challenging . Head lights were on, I was driving slow, but I was feeling that driving without head lights is as same as driving with head lights in this thick mist. I was not able to see anything, I was driving almost in a 20kmph or less than that. Hairpin curves were visible at the sharp edges only. It was horrible for me to drive throughout the ghat section.

For a moment I thought that why can’t automobile industries gave us such sharp head light which help us to see everything clearly even in thick mist and heavy rain ?, I thought and left it there only. I never did think how can it is possible ?. Today I come across an article on research, it is exactly the same which I did think over it.

I believe if hardware and software talk each other nicely then they can make anything possible and it is proved several times.

Please read the article given in this link – Smart Headlights

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ಸ್ವಪ್ನದ ಮಿನುಗು ತಾರೆ

April 9, 2012 at 9:31 AM (ಸದಾ ಕವಿಯಾದಾಗ?)

Dream Girl

Dream Girl

I have written this poem in a strange situation , I was waiting somewhere for some one , and a girl came and said, please be seated here, sir is busy he will come within few minutes. Then she left , I did wait for more than 10 minutes, I was getting bore . The girl was very cute , so I thought of to write a poem . I opened my mobile and drafted it . I thought to show my poem to the girl , but didn’t get courage to show 🙂 so came back.

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Make It Special

January 10, 2012 at 3:33 AM (New Year, Non Technical)

Its was dec 31st , I was thinking to update my blog which I have planned long back. I was about to post but I couldn’t do it that day, you may get the reason at the end of this article. I was just thinking what I did in this year ? Did I achieve some thing ? Did I work  to reach my goal, my dream ? How I spent this whole year?.  Many questions were eating my head. I am happy because I did something for this year, I am heading towards my goal. Today I sat and I was thinking about the future , upcoming wonderful year. I was going through  facebook, I was able to see many advance wishes , people were inviting their friends for party, get together etc. That is really cool .

I went outside in the morning for breakfast , I was observing every one , the hotel owner where I use to have breakfast daily, the shopkeeper where I use to buy my daily needs, I was asking every one , how you will going to celebrate ? they were giving all common answers, ” en celebration sir ? ellaa haage, pratee varsha iddadde ala ” .  Yes a common man should say like that, he can not make a big party, he can not take a leave and go somewhere with family to celebrate , because his one day profit means a lot for him.

That is not the case with software engineers! , I saw people and their living style , So much expensive  life style, they never use to talk in Kannada with their kids , that kind of status they are maintaining. Their life is colorful in their own way, these IT industries are attracting people . Most of the student after PUC will think to become an engineer or doctor . Yes there are few people who will say they will become an astronaut and something else. In reality once they complete their PUC , most of them will join a BE college.

Well that is their living style, as a software engineer will earn enough and will spend enough but when I sit and think what we are doing in software company ? my mind will fall in a puzzle . Are we doing anything great here ? are we really achieving something new here ? are we forgetting our society due to such living style? does our education system changed ? whether we are getting a quality education in all the sectors ? what is happening in our public government sectors ? . People became so much busy in their life that, they not even have time to think over it.

We can see many innovations in our day today life , but most of the time it will be from some other country. I am not saying Indians are doing nothing , but I am saying it is lesser compared to others. If we take software companies only, why India is still not able to give a big software company like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM ? , I will not give answer for this, think over it.

Last time when I did visit bangalooru , my main purpose was to take part in protest against corruption in freedom park, surprisingly only one of my friend came and joined me . Guys this is a serious matter to think ,  ok not every one is same, there are many people who took part in protest , I appreciate  but over all what happened is we software engineers have time to attend meeting , just to discuss what problem the client is facing ! but we don’t have time to think about the problems what our society is facing. Every one say, ” I hate politics “, please think once again what you are telling ! we not even spend some time to analyse what the government done so far? we have time to enjoy the party with friends , but we don’t have time to discuss such matters with friends . In my home town if I go outside in the evening , aged people will be having a discussion in temples, gardens , our young generation are busy in smoking, party and some other palthu works .

Just think yourself , whether we ever tried to guide our juniors ? how they suppose to study ? how they suppose to build up their career ? . Whether we did show them any other platform other than BE ? , whether we tell them to go for MSc physics , chemistry, maths and any other ? .  I usually discuss some physics stuff with one of my junior sister who is studying Nuclear physics in Msc , she is facing so much problem in her education, she has many ideas but she don’t have necessary things with her, this is what happening in our education  system other than BE . Can’t we sit and spend some time to think over such problems ? and try to find solutions? We will be very enthusiastic when we do meeting for a client , but why that enthusiasm will miss when such things come in mind?. I wish recession should not come , and think over it, if it happens none of the software company will dare to take different step. Still why we are so much dependent ?, is there any other way so that recession does not affect to us. Do we have our own idea ? so that when client does not come to us and we start working on our own idea? No not at all , many people will lose their job. I wish it should not happen and let this new year will be a colorful for every one.

Keeping all such things in our mind, what if , we set up a goal and try to find a better way of  living ? I am not blaming software companies, but I am telling along with working for only clients problems , why can’t we work and find solution to our own problems?

Analyse the problems that our country is facing, why research oriented stuffs are not booming ? How can we improve our education quality , our government sectors , there are many more.

So new year came, let us start a new way of living , let us set up some useful goals and try to achieve them. We will make this year special and colorful. I thought to give a message to every one for this new year and wrote what I was thinking. Things are not so easy as it is to discuss, but we should try at least from our end !


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